Saturday, 10 March 2007

Ridley is King

My first cat, Sabado, was a huge black longhair. He acted more like a dog. He went for walks with us, and was strong enough to open the front door.

His younger companion was Gigimidge, another monster. I think he was a Maine Coone, but I'm not certain. He liked to beat up other dogs, except mine.

Later, along came Trixie. She lived to be fifteen years old. By the end of her life, she looked like she'd been through a blender.

Now we have Ridley. He likes to survey his domain from his favourite cardboard box. He doesn't need fancy toys -- a crumpled piece of paper will do nicely. He doesn't bite, except when he wants my daughter to get up at 6am. That's when he jumps around on her, then climbs onto her arm and chomps.

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