Sunday, 1 April 2007

Boy + Girl + Hockey

Where can you possibly go wrong? I mean, hockey players have muscles - probably more than NASCAR drivers, and they're definitely better looking (with apologies to Jeff Gordon fans). If Harlequin can have a NASCAR romance line, why not an NHL line?

Girls love hockey. I think there's a place in the romance market for more hockey romances. I've seen a few out there, and I feel there's room for more.

My current novel under submission is a hockey romance, its tentative title teetering (try to say that fast) between Bad Ice and The Lost Season. It opens with a shooting in an arena during a professional hockey game. The heroine inadvertently foils the murder attempt, thus saving the life of a hockey player.

Last night during a Leaf game, a fan collapsed in the stands. The players sat at their respective benches, anxiously watching the drama unfold.

I checked the news this morning, and discovered that the person who first attended to the heart attack victim was a female fan, a nurse wearing a Darcy Tucker jersey. She performed CPR on the gentleman and probably saved his life.

Life imitates art. Sort of.


Andrew Tibbetts said...

I'd read a hockey romance! Great idea. (Can it have a gay sub-plot?)

I was going home from work yesterday and the subway was full of guys with Maple Leaf jerseys. No girls though. Or at least, no girls in jerseys. (However I know many straight guys who read 'their wives'' Danielle Steele novels, etc...) Okay, maybe not many.

I stepped off the subway into the gay villiage and all that blue and white was gone. It was like the whole hockey thing wasn't happening.

Chumplet said...

They call Hockey Romance a niche market but there's another definition for that: Something Different.

Here's your chance to write your own version. Go for it.

Lots of guys (gay or straight) read romance.
Lots of women love hockey. It's an untapped market!

Andrew Tibbetts said...

Okay! Stay tuned for "High Sticking" by Andrew Tibbetts.

Chumplet said...

Perfect! LOL