Thursday, 19 April 2007

I've Been Kissed, But Never in New York

I heart New York. But I've never been there. I can only glean my impression of the city from the books I have read and the movies I've seen. The romance, the vitality, the architecture... I could go on and on. Alas, I may have to win the lottery or get the big advance before I witness that beautiful city with mine own eyes.

Last fall, my daughter had the opportunity to go on a school trip with her high school art class. The teacher wanted me to accompany them as a chaperone, since he knew I was an artist, too. Regretfully, I had to decline, since we could only scrape up the funds for my daughter to go.

Maybe, just maybe someday I'll stroll down the sidewalks of Manhattan, peek into the coffee shops and delis, and look up at the facades of those big publishing and agent type buildings. Maybe one of them will have my name somewhere in their file cabinets.

--Photo courtesy of the one who went. Can you see Woody waving from his window?


John Elder Robison said...

You just never know. As I discovered, you can go from dream to reality in just a few days.

Travis Erwin said...

As a native Texan, I always had somewhat of an unfavorale opinion of NYC ... until I became a writer.. until I started meeting agents and editors who call The Big Apple home and found them to be nice decent people, not the rude stereotypes we here so much about. Now I'm dying to go. I actually have friends who live there now, and after all NYC is the mecca for us writers.

Here is hoping you get to go soon.