Monday, 18 June 2007

4 a.m. Feeding of the Mind

I got up to visit the little girls' room at 4am this morning, and when I went back to bed, my mind started churning. I saw a scene from my WIP The Weeping Woman in my head, and played it over and over in my head.

A half hour later, I figured I'd better write this stuff down or I'd forget it the next day. So I stumbled through the dark bedroom, tried not to trip over the dog in the hallway, and groped my way to the living room. I fired up my little laptop (boy, those things are bright when you're half asleep) and added the particulars to my outline for later reference.

I seem to have these little inspirational moments at the most awkward times -- while driving the car, while trying to fall asleep, or while at the mall waiting for my daughter to decide on a pair of jeans. The notebook works sometimes, but not all the time. Especially while I'm driving!

When does your muse hit you over the head? When you least expect it?

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