Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Broken Hearts

Must we suffer from broken hearts when we write about them? When our heroine experiences her darkest moment -- when she feels as if her whole world is teetering on the edge of disaster, do we writers have to feel the same angst?

I dunno -- I just can't manage to feel as desperate as my characters. All I can think of is the happy ending far in their future. My optimistic tendencies shine through and I urge them on... "You go, girl, he'll be waiting for you in the end. Go ahead, cry. Go home, feel your heart being torn from your breast. He'll phone/write/show up at the airport. Better yet, you'll find the cojones to go get him yourself."

My biggest hope is that my positive nature will NOT shine through as I attempt to bring my readers to tears. Those tears must be real, whether tears of misery or happiness.

The Canadian Writers' Collective is an eclectic group of writers who have contributed to some of Canada's finer literary publications. Witty, insightful and kind, their posts entertain me and make me feel a part of the writing community. Last weekend, they invited me to be a guest blogger. The post I contributed is here.

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Bernita said...

I worry too about that anticipation affecting the agony.
Thank you for the link.Will eagerly read it.