Sunday, 29 July 2007

Hook e'm, Danno

Bad Ice is on submission. A small press in Calgary requested the full manuscript last week. I'm stepping away from it while I wait to see what happens next.

For those who are curious about the plot, I think I finally came up with a hook that describes it: "The Natural meets Fatal Attraction, except with hockey instead of baseball."

I managed to crank out a thousand words for The Weeping Woman last night. I still don't know where the heck the hero and heroine are going, but at present they're arguing in a pencione in Andorra. I've been having lots of fun with guns and car crashes, but I think a little dialogue is in order!

Do I have a hook for this one? So far: "When Basque freedom fighters take Amanda on an impromptu tour of the Pyrenees, she wishes she'd taken her toothbrush."

Time to make a custom-made breakfast for my son Andrew, who turns 16 today.

While I'm slaving over the grill, how about telling us your hook?

Photo: Maori mother of pearl fish hook pendant


pennyoz and Avery said...

Here's a hook from me Chumplet. Prudella is back at RWU

“We order pizza to go,” Generous is my middle name.

“So I get an stay of reprieve on the eviction order?”

“No. Call it a lull in the war.” I shot him my killer cat look.

“Can we call it a truce?”

“No. It’s the condemned man’s last meal.”

Chumplet said...

Welcome back, Prudella!

ERiCA said...

Best of luck with your submission!!

*crosses fingers*