Saturday, 14 July 2007

I've crawled out of my hole

My blatant self promotion has played out its first stage and I'll pop my head up to say thanks to all who have downloaded my novel so far. A few updates:

I got my first fan letter! A nice reader emailed me to say that she thought my cover was great, and that the blurb was interesting. She said my book is definitely on her wishlist and did I have a website or newsletter so she could keep up with my endeavours. I thanked her and directed her to this blog, which in my opinion is as good as any website. I printed her email and I intend to frame it, along with the cover and maybe a copy of my first royalty cheque. Maybe someday I'll have a 'writing office' in which to hang it.

Another interesting tidbit: I'm Number Two! Okay, it's out of 23 in my subcategory, Last Rose of Summer in The Wild Rose Press, but I'll take it. After only a week! My aim is to hit the top ten on the main page.

And lastly:

Pink Elephants on Parade! Local emergency services received several 911 calls concerning a pair of pachyderms that escaped from the visiting Garden Bros. Circus. Apparently someone tripped over the cord that supplied power to their electric enclosure. Two of them went for a stroll through the neighbourhood, sampling the crispy, underwatered lawns and munching on young trees. One of them left a nice gift on a lady's front step and then ate her lilies.

They were returned to their pens without incident. Boy, I'll bet a lot of bottles of Jack Daniels went down the drain that night!


ORION said...

I still admire your horse paintings!
You made a great point on pub rants!
much aloha

Chumplet said...

Thanks, Pat! I know you're into horses so maybe I'll do a portrait for you someday.

Have a great time at your book signing in beautiful Hawaii. It's coming up fast!

MelBell said...

Congrats on the fan mail, Sandra - that's awesome. And the first of much more to come, I'm sure! Enjoy!