Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thursday Thirteen

My friend Gina has been bugging me to participate in Thursday Thirteen but I have a hard time thinking of thirteen things in common.

In the spirit of the use of words, I'm going to try to think up some unusual oxymorons. Bear with me, I'm on vacation and my brain is already half-fried (is that an oxymoron?):

1. Genuine Imitation Naugahyde - I imagine a herd of naugas roaming the plains, sporting a variety of pleather pelts.
2. Clean Fill - It's dirt, isn't it?
3. Daily Special - What's so special about it if it's served every day?
4. Gourmet Hamburger - What's the big deal? It's a ground up cow slapped between two slices of bread.
5. Same Difference - I'm sorry, but I HATE that expression.
6. Going Nowhere - Uh, that's just standing still, isn't it?
7. Head Butt - Where exactly is the head?
8. Legally Drunk - Either you're drunk or you're not.
9. Low-Rise - 'Nuff said.
10. Veggie Dogs - Ew.
11. Numb Feeling - I guess we writers had better avoid this one.
12. Pet Cat - Oh, no... he's the master.
13. Poor Little Rich Girl - Yeah, right.


Zee said...

I ab-soooo-looot-ly LOVE oxymorons!
My favorite?

Jumbo Shrimp!

But it's too obvious.

Military Intelligence
Limited space
Free rein
Oh, isn't this fun?
We should start a thread on RWU!
You Rock, Miz Chumplet!

Chumplet said...

I avoided the top twenty on purpose, although many in the list didn't make sense, even for oxymorons.

Gina Ardito said...

Eureka! She's done it! I'm sooooo proud. And what a great list. Love the Naugahyde one!

Davis Bigelow said...

Awesome list! We english speakers can be so unaware of our words. Unfortunately, we don't have a coner on the market. You should hear the Auzzie's, but perhaps we're worse - or maybe we're just 'funnier'.