Thursday, 27 September 2007

I'm On Amazon!

I received an email from my publisher inviting me to order author copies of The Space Between. This prompted me to click on Amazon to see if it was available.... and there it was! I even have a review!

I'm planning a little 'launch party' at work, offering treats and homemade shark-tooth necklaces to promote the print release of The Space Between on October 5th. Perhaps I should offer the necklace to those who buy the book and give it to me to sign....?

I hope my author copy arrives before next Friday. Keep your fingers crossed!


bunnygirl said...

Hey, that's so cool! Congrats!

Bernita said...

Yes, and that's a beguiling photo above your bio!

Chumplet said...

Don't I look cheeky? Finally, a picture I don't hate! And to think I had to take it myself.

wordtryst said...

Whoo, congratulations! What a high!

Maybe I should try taking my photo myself. It never occurred to me, and I always hate the ones taken by other people.

Tricia Dower said...

I'm a little late with my congrats, but here it is. What a great review, too!