Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things My Family Does To Stop Me From Having A Rye and Ginger Ale On My Half Day Off:

1. "Mom, when we go to pick up Andrew from school, let's go to Home Hardware so I can check out the Corner Gas merchandise."

2. "Oh, while you're at it, Honey, can you pick up a light bulb for the fish tank?"

3. "Mom, I'll love you forever if you put NHL 08 on your credit card, and I promise to pay you back. Can we go now?"

4. "Mom, can we see if it's cheaper at Wal Mart?"

5. "Oh, let's see if it's cheaper at Future Shop. You get a free hat."

6. "Darn, it's five dollars more. Not worth the free hat. Can we go back to Wal Mart?"

7. "What's for dinner?"

8. "Bark! I have to go pee!"

9. "My shoulder's killing me and we're out of Advil. Oh, and ginger ale."

10. "Can we come too? We want to buy candy."

11. "What's burning?"

12. "Bark! I have to go poo!"

12.5 "The cat threw up in the bathtub. Should I clean it?"

13. Snap. Glug. Fizz. Ahhhhhh.......


Zee said...

Any day now you'll be building a chicken coop, just so you can HIDE BEHIND IT and have a DRINK!!!

You poor baby, you! All that comparison shopping! Hope you picked up a new pair of shoes or a dvd or something for yourself. Besides the extra ginger ale. And additive?


Chumplet said...

Oooh, yes.... I found the additive.

Gina Ardito said...

Don't you love when they tell you you're "out" of something instead of letting you know when you're "running low"? Ah, well. You may not get the rye and ginger, but at least they're price conscious and volunteer to clean up the barf. My household would ignore it and pretend no one ever saw it! Happy TT!

Kate Thornton said...

Comparison shopping is too tiring for me - I pick a place and go. I figure I save money on gas and aggravation and never have to set foot in a Wal-Mart.

Rye & ginger ale - what a great retro-sounding drink! I think I'll try it! I'm usually a Tom Ciollins kinda gal, but this sounds more, uh, to the point!