Tuesday, 9 October 2007

It's Here! It's Here!

Actually... They're Here! On the same day, my contract for Bad Ice and my author copies of The Space Between arrived in the mail.

My book is shiny. It's petite yet not flimsy. The paper inside is bright, with easy to read type. If you look closely at the braided grass on the shark tooth necklace, you can't tell I drew the grass myself. Can you?

If you're in the mood for a plane crash, a hurricane, a crazy used car salesman and a bit of kissin', order it from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca today. Also available in the States at Borders and Barnes & Noble.

If you're in the Newmarket or Toronto area and you want me to sign your book, I'll throw in a shark tooth necklace for free.


Paisley Scott said...

It's soooo pretty!! I love that pic!! You deserve this, chica! Good on ya babe!

ORION said...

oh! oh! oh!
I wanna shark tooth necklace!!!!!
That is SO cool!!!!!

Chumplet said...

Sure, Pat - just fly me out there and I'll bring you one!

My sister in law in Buffalo received her copy from Amazon in only two days. That's encouraging!