Wednesday, 13 February 2008

E is for Excellent

Blogger Buddies Stephen Parrish and Wordtryst each offered me a Blog Excellence award for just being me! I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars - "You like me! You really like me!"

My blogging circle is small but intimate, and some of you probably already have this symbol of excellence - so I won't pressure you into passing it to ten bloggers. Just a couple is fine.

Listed below are my nominees. If you already have one; you deserve two anyway. I really enjoy your company, and welcome your comments. You all entertain me and keep me from my writing in the most lovely way:

Josephine Damian
Holly Kennedy
Chris Eldin
Smart Like Streetcar
Easy Writer
Pat Wood
E. Ann Bardawill

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Ridley IS the junk in the box:


ORION said...

Aw thanks!!!

ChristineEldin said...

Thank you!!!!

I love your kitty cat! Simply gorgeous! I was telling Stephen Parrish recently that I went on a blogging ho expedition a couple of months ago. I gave all that up. I like the small, intimate group we share. It's really nice.

Kanani said...

thanks! That's wonderful.

Now... about your cat? Is he auditioning for Project Runway?

Josephine Damian said...

Ahhh.... so this it what I got.

Thanks.. perhaps there's a BC award - bitch critic? lol

moonrat said...

thank you!

oh how we are a sucker for expressions of fondness. nyuk nyuk.

Ello said...

Very cute pics! Congrats to your Award and thanks for the E again! E is for Excellent Ello!

E. Ann Bardawill said...

I wanna to thank the Academy for my nomination.
I'm overwhelmed, underpaid, oversexed and under the gun.
Thank yooooou!

M W A H !


Bernita said...

Thank you!
That big "E" makes me feel power company Electric!