Sunday, 24 February 2008

Hook, Line and Sinker

I drove my son to the mall today to pick up a PC game. He'd been playing the beta version of World in Conflict for a while, and in his enthusiasm for anything related to the Cold War, he NEEDED this game. In the car, he drew the box out of the bag and marvelled at the genuine piece of the Berlin Wall. (I don't think it's real, but hey, let a kid dream). He began to read aloud the blurb on the package.

"On November 9, 1989, the cold war was supposed to end. It didn't."

I said, "That's the hook."

He read on: "The landmarks, cities and heartland of America are now the battlefields of World War III. Lead the heroic effort to turn back the Soviet invasion and reclaim the homeland – one neighborhood at a time."

I figured that was the cover blurb.

Then he told me the heading at the top: THE WAR IS COMING HOME. I suppose that's the catch phrase that appears on the front cover.

Not only can we troll the bookstore shelves for ideas on cover blurbs, but we can also pop into video game stores or scan our kids' shelves! What a great world we live in, despite the possibility of World War III, of course.

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