Saturday, 19 April 2008

Spelling Bee Results: I Suck

Oh! It was so much fun! We made it through four rounds. The other team at our table included an older gentleman who was very good at spelling and he didn't let us forget it.

The fellow who was supposed to read out the words was the Mayor of Georgina. They dubbed him the 'MisPronouncer.' He read out 'carousal' but pronounced it 'carousel'. We got a good laugh over that one.

Our team had to spell words such as reticule and bassinet. The one that stumped us and threw us out remains somewhere in the recesses of my mind. I can't remember it for the life of me. Perhaps I obliterated it from my memory. My teammates might remember the word, but I'll have to provide it later when they are in the office on Monday. All I know is it ended with 'ie' instead of 'i' and Mister Know-It-All at our table didn't get it either.

My team mates were too shy to get in front of the microphone, so I was elected to do the spelling.

A nice dinner and a silent auction rounded off the evening. I bid on a 'his and hers' watch set by Montres Carlo and I'm not sure if it's worth the $75. It was valued at $250, and I'll keep checking to see if I wasn't ripped off.

The Master of Ceremonies (Kevin Forget of City TV's Breakfast Television) turned to me while we were on stage and remarked, "Nice costume!" Heh, heh.

BTW, I'm Peter Pan, and my friend Rebecca is Tinkerbell. Carrie is supposed to be Wendy but apparently she didn't get the memo about wearing a flannel nightgown instead of pajamas! Now I have a costume all ready for Halloween. You can't see it, but there's a red feather in my hat, and I found a real kickass brown belt for only five bucks!


moonrat said...

congrats, anyway!! i'm an editor and possibly the fourth worst speller in the world. so clearly it's a totally irrelevant (irrelevent?) skill. ;)

Bernita said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun!

ChristineEldin said...

I've never been to a spelling bee! Sounds like so much fun (to me!!)

You are stylin'!!!!

The Anti-Wife said...

Very cool! Sounds like a fun time.

Kanani said...

Well, I wonder if this wasn't a scheme cooked up by the newspaper to begin lay offs based on who did well, and who didn't!!
I hope you remember that word. For the record, I could never EVER spell rhythm. I'd have six variations of the word, and each time it would come back red marked. It was just one of those words!!

wordtryst said...

Yeah, sounds like it was great fun! I love spelling games - was seriously appalled when a writer friend from distant shores told me that she'd never heard of a game called Scrabble.