Thursday, 1 May 2008

Author's Week Kicks Off May 3

My dear friend Chris Eldin (formerly known as Church Lady) is sitting in Dubai coming up with wonderful fun things for us writers to do. So she came up with Author's Week, a lovely venture she thought up a while back. I'm paraphrasing her own blog announcement:

To kick things off, she's having a special day on Saturday May 3 with an Oldies but Goodies Contest.

Who are the Oldies but Goodies, you ask. Well, they are just the swellest group of authors who first supported her idea of "Author's Week." To thank them for their encouragement, Chris will be hosting a weekend contest based on some personal information she was able to dig up.

And she'll be giving away cool prizes from Dubai. The Oldies but Goodies authors are listed below. They might pop in. But really it's about thanking them for their generosity in the past.

Mary Cunningham CURSE OF THE BAYOU
Edna Cabcabin Moran THE SLEEPING GIANT
John Elder Robison LOOK ME IN THE EYE
Patricia Wood LOTTERY
And then, there's Author's Week May 5 - May 9, in which I will be participating.

May 5 - May 9 will feature the following authors giving away books and making appearances on Chris's blog. Come chat, make jokes, win prizes!!! Every day, 9am - 9pm eastern U.S. time.

Monday, May 5: Charles Allen Gramlich “Swords of Talera”
Tuesday, May 6: Holly Kennedy "The Silver Compass"
Wednesday, May 7: Daniel Tomasulo "Confessions of a Former Child"
Thursday, May 8: Sandra Cormier "The Space Between"
Friday, May 9: Stacia Kane "Personal Demons"


ChrisEldin said...


And it *is* a lot of fun!!! Please come over and play!!

Josephine Damian said...

Chumplet: what I wonder is - what time is it in Dubai when Chris is hosting these parties? I have this image of her setting her alarm for 3AM so that she can join in.

Love the old typewriter~

Chumplet said...

I swear that girl doesn't sleep.

That's my typewriter! I scoffed it from the Editorial Department (with the Chief Editor's permission) when they were renovating. It's super heavy! When I get my writing room, it'll be stage front and centre.

Holly Kennedy said...

This really is such a great blog get together, isn't it? Chris is wonderful to host it :-)

P.S. Nice blog you have here Chumplet! I'm so sorry I haven't had time to pop by more often.
I never seem to have enough 'blog time' to go visiting. Grrr!!

laughingwolf said...

nice to meet you, sandra :)

Chumplet said...

Nice to meet you, too, Laughing Wolf!