Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Publishers Weekly

One of my publishers, The Wild Rose Press, got a mention in this week's Publisher's Weekly. It's an article about Erotica E-Publishing. You can read it here. Problem is they spelled the Publisher's name wrong. Her name is Rhonda Penders (not Peters) and she's a peach.

Right now I'm going over my galley for Bad Ice (my other publisher), checking for spelling errors. I received it yesterday and was supposed to return my errata report this morning, but I'm forgiven because it was so late. Nonetheless, I'm in a freakin' hurry to finish it so it can be released in time.

I'd better get it done quickly, because on the third week of July, Bad Ice will be featured on the Book Roast! The free book will be either a download or a CD of my book. I'm the guinea pig of the bunch. I'll work out the details later. Don't worry, Roastmaster Phoenix, I'll send my excerpt as soon as I can.

Pardon me if I run!


laughingwolf said...

one can live with many faults, but NOT spelling a person's NAME wrong!

look fwd to the july roast, too :)

mlh said...

How could they have gotten the name wrong? Peters/Penders? They don't even sound the same.

I'll definitely stop by the Book Roast in July. It's been incredible to see what books are picked!

Bernita said...

Sandra stick handles across the blue line. She shoots. She SCORES!

Chumplet said...

Don't forget, the roast is on right now. Yesterday was Therese Fowler's Souveni r, and today Dennis Cass is featured with his novel, Head Case.

Bernita, I sure hope I get a hat trick.

wordtryst said...

Galley no. 2! Way to go!

BernardL said...

'Book Roast' has been very entertaining so far.