Monday, 22 September 2008

Fan Girl

It's that time again.

Yes, you heard me. Hockey time. It's only pre-season, but tonight our local sports channel is airing the first Leaf game of the 2008-2009 season.

Every year, the diehards exclaim, "Maybe this will be the year."

Every season, we're disappointed. As the summer wears on and fall approaches, our hope springs forth once again. We're such positive thinkers!

Curtis Joseph, a local boy, first joined the Leafs in 1998, after a stellar stint in Edmonton. He stood on his head year after year to keep the pucks out of the net and earned the adoration of the usually critical Toronto fans. Later, he moved on, and now he has returned as the backup goalie. His nickname is Cujo.

A couple of years ago I saw him in the craft store at the local mall browsing with his wife and daughter. I quickly scanned my brain to come up with a suitable opening line.

I had one. I approached and said, "Funny you should be here when I'm looking for a clock mechanism for my Toronto Maple Leaf Goalie Clock." (I was, really!)

He smiled and said, "Too bad you didn't bring the clock. I could have signed it."

I fished around in my purse for a scrap of paper for him to sign, and I found one of my pet portrait business cards with stuff scribbled on the back. "All I have is my card, and it's got stuff on it."

I handed it to him. He looked at the card and said, "Oh, you paint dogs?"

"And horses," I said. He has horses. Yes, I'm a pathetic hockey fangirl. "You can keep the card."
Hey, why not drum up business?

He handed the card to his daughter. "Here you go."
Damn, she's gonna lose it.

His wife stood nearby, looking slightly annoyed. Afterward, I felt awful for not saying hello to her. She must get that fangirl stuff all the time.

I asked the lady at the counter for a piece of paper, and Curtis gave me a nice autograph for my son.

Wouldn't it be cool if I got a current or former NHLer to read Bad Ice? That would be a blurb to beat all blurbs. I sent an email to Cujo through the Leafs site offering a free book, but no answer. Well, it's worth a try!

When I'm famous, perhaps Cujo will dig up my card and think, "Hey, I have Sandra Cormier's business card! I wonder what it'll get me on EBay?"


writtenwyrdd said...

So funny! I think it is wonderful that he was so gracious; it must be a sore trial to public figures to be asked to sign stuff all the time! My mother used to own a music store and big names would occasionally drop in. Some were all snotty (especially if she didn't recognize them, which, if they were rock gods, was often the case) but most were so grateful that she didn't fawn and she wouldn't allow the customers to fawn. (And I do not mean to imply you were fawning. I am talking about those who went beyond "Hey please to meetcha would you autograph something for me?" to annoying velcroed to the person type of fangrrl/fanboi.)

Terra Chandler said...

That's so funny!! I am a pet photographer as well, so I know the perils of the business card-losing people. You just know when you have handed someone your well spent 20 cents. *sigh* I hope you get a response from him for your book!!

Chumplet said...

I've come across some celebrities who were annoyed that I didn't recognize them right away.

I worked at Henry's, a camera store in downtown Toronto.We had lots of celebrities from the music world visit us because a television station shared our loading dock area.

One day, Sting and Andy Summers came by to buy some stale dated movie film. They were very sweet.

Another time, Gordon Lightfoot dropped of some film and he was very annoyed that I asked for his last name and phone number. He didn't look anything like his pictures! Even in the eighties, he looked like he'd been through a blender.

Chumplet said...

Welcome, Terra! Chandler is the name of a town where I once lived in Quebec, on the Gaspe peninsula. Good luck with the pet portraits.

Barbara Martin said...

Once I saw Harrison Ford in the lower level deli at the Royal York Hotel, waiting in line ahead of me. Despite loving his movies I left him and his wife alone, knowing they were entitled to privacy in a public setting. After eating, on his way out he tilted his head slightly while looking me in the eye as an acknowledgment of my recognition and decision.

I prefer to leave actors alone. Others can approach them if they care to.

Travis Erwin said...

I too am ready for some hockey.

BernardL said...

That is definitely a good idea. His having a wife and daughter may not be the only similarities between your book and his life. If he read 'Bad Ice' he may recognize a couple of teammates' traits in your characters. Good promotion.

laughingwolf said...

go for it, sandra :)

Barrie said...

One of my best friends lives in Newmarket!

Chumplet said...

Hi, Barrie! I went to high school in Newmarket, so chances are good that I know your friend, although it's a fairly large town.

Good luck with your new book. It looks great!

Wolfie, I think I might talk to our Sports Editor this week to see if he knows an NHL player who wants a free book.

The Anti-Wife said...

They'll all be begging for your autograph soon!