Saturday, 4 July 2009

Red, White (and Blue) Skies

Happy 4th, my American friends! They're still setting off firecrackers outside, probably to make up for the rain we suffered here on Canada Day evening.

The beginning of July usually triggers all summer activities -- picnics, barbecues, swimming and the smell of fresh-cut grass. This year, that doesn't seem to be the case, at least in this area. We're still wearing sweatshirts and dodging downpours. A wild beast ate our propane barbecue valve hose, so we haven't done any outdoor grilling yet. The cooler weather didn't stop the hummingbird-sized mosquitoes from attacking between the car and the front door.

Some gave up on the idea of cutting the grass. Literally.

This is my neighbour's yard. It looks like the job was abandoned mid-mow.
I wonder who's been shirking their duties for the last three weeks.

My daughter and I took advantage of a break in the weather to check out The Canada Day festivities on Main Street.

We saw a little red...

A little white...

And my daughter had a little of the blues.
She apparently didn't approve of all those cut-off blue jeans...

The line for the beer garden was astronomically long, but the line for the food was mercifully short. We grabbed a couple of charred burgs and walked past the beer garden, where a local band played 70s rock with more enthusiasm than skill. Two bare chested guys danced with abandon in front of the stage, somehow managing to balance their beers. I wanted to take a picture, but Beth wouldn't let me.

Happy rest of the weekend, folks! I hope you get to do summery things.


BernardL said...

Those electronic mosquito gadgets really work if you haven't tried one out yet. Nice selection of pictures.

Adirya Kiratas said...

Yeah, you're right about summer so far. Seems to have gone AWOL on us. I've had to cancel my jogs round the lake a few times and stay on the bike indoors because of the cold wind.

I hope the rest of July and Aug will turn out well for us in Southern Ontario.

Liane Spicer said...

That yard looks like ours right now... The stuff is growing faster than ever this year, I swear.

Great photos!