Saturday, 17 October 2009

What Would You Do for your Best Friend?

Sometimes a writer works through adversity and crafts the best novel they can in spite of the odds. When I wrote The Toast Bitches a year ago, I drew upon the lifelong loyalty and friendship that can get a girl through her darkest days. Although The Toast Bitches is purely fiction, I borrowed from the personalities (with their permission) of three wonderful women I've known for over twenty years.

I strove to show how best friends can support each other through bad boyfriends, bad hair days and bad sex. Even when people lack judgement, their BFFs guide them out of the jungle of big mistakes.

I'd like to celebrate the trade paperback release of The Toast Bitches by having a giveaway contest!

Just tell me (in the comment section) what you would do for your Best Friend Forever in a given situation. Use your imagination. This will also work for Wing Men (guys, you could learn a thing or two from this book) and Sisters, too.

The Toast Bitches is on the super spicy side when it comes to sex, so be warned. Also, in spite of the explicit content of this novel, please keep your comments on the tame side. After all, this is a PG (Pretty Good) blog. But try to amuse the other posters, too! Oh, what a delicate balance between naughty and nice.

I'll randomly draw for three prizes:

First Prize: An autographed copy of
The Toast Bitches plus a beautiful "Wine Cozy" (hand-knitted to replicate the famous Hudson's Bay blankets) created by my good friend Debbie Hannigan. Perfect to keep your bottle warm or cold when going for a BNO (Bitches Night Out).

Second Prize: One autographed copy each of The Toast Bitches and
Bad Ice. If you already own Bad Ice, you can give it as a gift - just let me know the name of the recipient so I can personalize it accordingly.

Third Prize: One autographed copy of The Toast Bitches.

The contest is open now, and will close at midnight, Wednesday October 21, Eastern Whatever Time. I'll announce the winner Thursday evening.

A quick recap of The Toast Bitches, as written by the lovely Fern at LASR:

"You have the youthful Hana, a woman that’s got a yen for the gorgeous but elusive Adam who isn’t what he seems. The saucy Pepper, a woman that has left behind domestic bliss for her unrealized version of happiness. The soft spoken Corinne, whose overly possessive husband is having an affair that ends their marriage. And the nurturer Paige, whose portrayed happy marriage isn’t as blissful at it seems.

...Each Toast Bitch represents an issue women face at some point in their lives–blind attraction, a bad marriage, a skeleton in the closet, the need to branch out even when what you want is directly in front of you–providing something everyone can relate to."

Twits, please re-Tweet. Facebookies, please re-Face. I'll deliver the packages anywhere, just expect a slow boat if it's going to Australia.

Edited to Add: Anonymous participants, You don't have to sign into Blogger to comment, but please provide some kind of a name at the end of your post so I can identify you for the draw.

Let the BFF Marathon begin!


Anonymous said...

I would do all that I could ,if I could

Liane Spicer said...

I'd tell him the truth. I've had to do this recently after many, many years of sympathizing and accommodating and excusing and listening non-judgmentally as he whined and complained, complained and whined. His self-sabotage got to the point where his health was at stake; it became too painful to watch and I had to tell him like it is.

Things were awkward between us for awhile but he's coming around. And he's making an effort to take control of his life and not whine so much. We are programmed to be gentle, understanding and supportive of our friends no matter what, but sometimes the unvarnished truth is what they need to hear.

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Lovely, Liane, and so true!
Anon Number One, let me know your name and I'll tag it for later.

Keep 'em coming, folks. I have to go out to a baptism (another thing you do for your best friends) and I'll be back later.

Anonymous said...

I would do anything for my best friend, I would stand by him thru thick and thin. I would be right by his side till the end.

My other best freind I would wait for her till my last day then I would wait at the gates for her to arrive when ever that would be.

I would give my last breath for the two of them..

Pat Bernard

McKoala said...

I listen, whatever she says. And then I listen again, while she says the opposite of what she just said. And listen again, when she goes back to her original standpoint. And again and again and again. And eventually she makes a decision, and I listen to that. And whether it's the right decision or the wrong decision, if it's what she wants, I help her to stand by it. If it's necessary, and it sometimes is I help her to pick up the pieces afterwards.

Then we start again.

Dondi Woods said...

It is what I wouldn't do for my best 21 years I have not been able to come up with an answer to that question. I would not be the one she called to get out of jail, I would be the one sitting next to her saying " damn wasn't that fun" From honesty, loyalty and love, my best friend is just like my sister. I would never have to call her saying that I was having a bad day, she would call me first asking what was wrong. It is a bond to be unbroken and words that never have to be spoken.

Donna said...

I would do all that I could if I could .
Aunt Donna
I am soo Proud of you . I don't even need to win . <3

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Now we're cookin'!

Hi, Aunt Donna! *waves* You'll probably end up borrowing Mom's copy anyway.

Dhympna said...

I try to do what I can. Sometimes I have to struggle to keep my mouth shut and just let my friends talk. I don't lie or sugar coat when asked for my opinion but try to find a constructive/nice way to offer criticism.

I just try to be there when needed, cause sometimes is sucks to be alone. I had a friend having a meltdown while writing a paper for school--so I sat with her until it was done. I have dropped off flowers to cheer people up, cookies and food as well.

I think it is important to be supportive and put aside your own needs. We need to be able to rely on our friends for support and trust that they will always tell us the truth.

I baby sat a puking toddler (giving up my own plans) on New Year's Eve so my best friend could go on her first overnight date with the guy who is now her husband. :) If you knew me, that is big...I am not exactly a baby/ toddler person. :P

So, Yeah I would do just about anything...even clean up puke and be puked upon. (ends her rambling now)

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Babysitting is sometimes a lot harder than the old days when we sat with our boyfriends and drank our employer's soda while the little angels slept in their beds.

I babysat my niece who screamed at twice the velocity of my son, both at three months. Hours and hours -- I'm surprised she still had a voice after that.

I also sat with a friend till 3 a.m. while he tried to decide whether he wanted to go on living. That was tough. During a recent cleanup, I found a letter from him to our family while he was away at college. I don't know where he is today, but I'm sure he's okay.

This is a freebie, BTW. I'm not entering the contest LOL.

Anonymous said...

I was friends with her since babyhood, we lost touch for many years.

About thirty years ago I sent her a letter from then on, we stayed in touch. When I came home to stay I did not see her often but we talked on the phone every day.

I talked her through two bouts of cancer, I felt helpless not knowing how to help her, she called every day or I would call...

She spent her last days at home, many nights I would listen just to her breathing for hours. Sometimes she would say "Frannie,are you still there?"

I would say, "I'm still here."

The night before she died the phone rang, it was her daughter. She said she could hear me. I told her that I loved her and that she would be my best friend forever.

Sometimes at around ten PM I look to the phone and then I catch myself.


Frances 'Bernard' Cormier

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Thanks everyone for your entries. The contest is now closed and I will draw for prizes tonight. Be sure to check back!