Monday, 11 October 2010

Bucket List

Yesterday I saw something for the first time. I saw two deer in my brother's backyard, and actually got a picture of them.

Some people might think, "That's no big deal," but it was pretty important to me.

I haven't had a chance to really sit down and compose my own bucket list. Many things are probably unattainable, and my tendency to be practical prevents me from making such a list.

However, I think I've had a few experiences that were special to me. Some may seem trivial. Some might be on your bucket list.

I rode a Berber horse in North Africa.
I dove into the Mediterranean.
I rode in a limousine.
I watched a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game from the Platinum seats.
I rode in a propeller plane with only 18 passengers.
I saw the Rocky Mountains.
I drank wine in the Napa Valley.
Unlike Bugs Bunny, I actually stood on Pismo Beach.
I saw a bullfight.
I held a wild bird in my hand. And it lived!
I rappelled down a 300 foot cliff.
Saw a comet.
Saw the Northern Lights.
I wrote a book. Or two.

What would I add to a bucket list? This isn't carved in stone, but some of the things I'd like:

To go to New York City.
Ride a hot air balloon.
Drive a Porsche.
Build a treehouse.
Take a picture of a really, really awesome sunset.
Sail a boat.
Attend the Oscars.
Have my very own writing room, decorated my way.
I want a pony.
... and yes, I would like an agent, please.

What's on your bucket list?