Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Times Are a' Changing

Hello Friends!

Nine years ago, I opened this blog because my first book, THE SPACE BETWEEN, was about to be published by a lovely little publisher, The Wild Rose Press. I was so excited, and certain that the publication of my first book would lead to bigger and better things.

I made a lot of friends, and even a few people who called themselves fans. I released two more books, BAD ICE and THE TOAST BITCHES, with two different publishers. Three, if you count The Bitches' short run at Musa Publishing. Book One and Book Three ran their courses, and now sit on my hard drive, hoping to be re-released in some shape or form. I hope they're not holding their breath, because they will probably remain there.

For all these years, Champagne Books was the home of my second book, the hockey romantic suspense BAD ICE. Last night, I made the difficult decision to ask for the return of my rights. J. Ellen Smith was kind enough to grant it.

We had become friends over the years. I expressed my concern when her Calgary home was flooded. I befriended fellow authors in the group.

Sales have not been good. The publisher is doing well, but they have focused their attention on newer releases, and I wish them great success.

I'm still writing. I'm still trying. This blog will not disappear. I wanted to give up many times, but the writing community has always pulled me back and enveloped me with love and encouragement. There WILL be another book.

In the meantime, if you want to read about a hockey player with a heart of gold and a troubled past, and a young single mother with a little hockey-playing six year old daughter, and a psycho bitch who wants to destroy their happiness..... Get BAD ICE while you still can.

Until better news comes along... or until I feel like writing about the stupid cat, see you on the flip side.

BAD ICE  is available (until it isn't) at the following sites:
Champagne Books


PJD said...

Glad they gave you your rights back easily. It's tough out there. Believe it or not, yours is a success story.

Sandra Cormier said...

Thanks, Peter. This, coming from you, makes me feel so much better. I hope someday we will appear together at an awesome big-time literary panel, or we say "hey," at the Oscars when they make movies of our books.

PJD said...

Having worked for eight years at one of the US's biggest writers conferences has really opened my eyes and changed my expectations of "success" in today's publishing world. In 2011 I went through a real recalibration after watching all the changes in publishing, and that's why I self-published Semper. I'm still going to send out my new WIP when it's ready and see if agents/publishers will be interested, but my enthusiasm has been tempered. Seriously. I think you definitely have a success story and should be proud of what you've accomplished with your books. There are hordes of people who don't get half as far as you have.

Leigh Paul said...

Please don't stop writing! You are too talented to give up. I still think you could do a wonderfully humorous book on your life as a writer, an artist, and a wife who lives on a fabulous piece of land where wildlife visit you at will. It could be a cross between the works of Erma Bombeck and those of James Herriot. Thanks, too, for your delightful blog. I always look forward to reading your latest posts.

Leigh Paul said...

Just bought a Kindle version of "Bad Ice." Looking forward to reading it. I know I'll love it!

Sandra Cormier said...

Oh, you got in just under the wire, Leigh! I hope you enjoy it.

Leigh Paul said...

Enjoy your paintings, Sandra! You are talented in many ways!

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