Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My First Interview!

Well, it's been a year of firsts so far. Liane Spicer is a novelist from Trinidad. She has a monthly interview feature on her blog, Wordtryst.

She asked me to step in for the Month of March and I happily obliged. The interview is up on her blog today, so check it out!

Liane has an upcoming multicultural romance from Dorchester entitled Cafe Au Lait. Her blog is chock full of lovely descriptions of her home, which is a world away from my land of cold and snow.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the interview the name of the lovely writers group I belong to. Romance Writers Unlimited is a priceless group of women (and one super fellow) who have helped me hone my writing skills. Check out their blog -- it's also full of wonderful insights on the writing world and a lot of advice.

Drop by and check out my interview!


akalol said...

I just bought a copy of The Space Between on Amazon and should have it by the 1st April.

Chumplet said...

Yippeee! Hooray! Thank you so much for ordering one. I hope you enjoy it.

akalol said...

I received the book this afternoon and already read the first chapter. Things are moving fast and I like it. I will keep you informed :)

Chumplet said...

Oh, I hope you like it, akalol. Enjoy.

wordtryst said...

akalol, I can't believe you beat me to it! :(